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4 Upholstery Stains You Should Leave For The Pros

Dec 7, 2023 | Upholstery Cleaning

4 Upholstery Stains You Should Leave For The Pros

Don’t let stubborn stains on your sofas, armchairs, or loveseats leave you feeling frustrated. Brown’s Chem-Dry is here to rescue your furniture! We understand the challenges of DIY stain removal, which is why our trained professionals are equipped to handle even the toughest messes, like:

Chocolate stains: Melted chocolate and hot cocoa can leave unsightly marks, especially on lighter fabrics. Chem-Dry’s specialized cleaning solutions tackle the protein, fat, and sugar combination in chocolate, lifting the stain without damaging your furniture. Enjoy your treats without worry, knowing Brown’s Chem-Dry is just a call away!

Blood stains: Kids’ scrapes, accidental cuts, or even monthly cycle mishaps can leave blood stains on your upholstery. These stains can be challenging due to the protein and color, but our experts are equipped to tackle them effectively. Take care of the injury, and leave the stain removal to us.

Tomato sauce stains: The vibrant red color and oil from tomato sauce can be a nightmare to remove. Don’t let the fear of spills prevent you from enjoying your favorite Italian dishes! Brown’s Chem-Dry knows how to handle these complex stains, leaving your upholstery looking fresh and stain-free.

Red wine stains: Renowned for causing notorious stains, red wine can be a major concern for upholstery. Whether you enjoy a quiet glass at home or host lively dinner parties, Brown’s Chem-Dry has you covered. We use specialized solutions to break down and remove the stain at its source, unlike the myth of using white wine.

Why Choose Brown’s Chem-Dry?

  • Expert stain removal: Our trained technicians have the knowledge and experience to handle various stains on different types of fabrics.
  • Safe and effective cleaning: We use eco-friendly solutions that are gentle on your furniture and safe for your family and pets.
  • Fast drying times: Enjoy your clean furniture quickly with our low-moisture cleaning process.
  • Upholstery protectant: Add an extra layer of protection with our upholstery protectant services, giving you more time to react to spills before they turn into stains.

Don’t let stains ruin your furniture! Call Brown’s Chem-Dry today at (320) 286-5558 to speak to a stain removal expert in Buffalo and restore your upholstery to its pristine condition.

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