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Chem-Dry is all about creating a clean, safe haven for your whole family – fur and all. That’s why we offer top-notch cleaning services, including our revolutionary Pet Urine Removal Treatment (P.U.R.T.) We’re also passionate about helping rescue pets find forever homes!

Since 2017, with the help of amazing customers like you, Chem-Dry has raised over $50,000 for Best Friends Animal Society® and their rescue efforts. This incredible feat was achieved through special edition Spot Removers with built-in donations, local events, and your continued support. The impact? Over 150,000 shelter animals found loving homes last year thanks to contributions like yours!

Chem-Dry is proud to be a champion for rescue pets and to help create happy, healthy homes for all your furry family members.

cleaning for the paws

We’d appreciate your help this year! To find out how you can support Best Friends and rescue pet adoption, please visit:


The mission of Best Friends Animal Society is to bring about a time when there are No More Homeless Pets. They do this through building community programs and partnerships all across the nation. They believe that by working together we can Save Them All. To achieve this goal, Best Friends has been building effective programs to save animals for over 30 years – hosting adoption events, conducting public education campaigns and doing fundraising drives.

6.5 percent of households have a pet. 7.6 million pets enter shelters each year. 3.2 million animals are adopted from shelters

Best Friends would like to reduce the number of dogs and cats killed in America’s shelters to ZERO.

Please join us in supporting this worthy and important cause. Your donations go directly to Best Friends Animal Society and their No More Homeless Pets Network of over 1,500 shelters across the country.

To make a donation to Best Friends Animal Society® and help them in their cause to Save Them All, visit  https://bestfriends.org

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